Application Criteria

JCMHSF is a not for profit corporation established through CharitySmith for the purpose of raising money to provide financial assistance to young hockey players in the Milwaukee, WI area.  It was founded in loving memory of Joseph Cocking.

Scholarships for player fees for participation in the sport of ice hockey through Wisconsin Hockey.

Affiliates will be considered and granted based on the following criteria:

  • Availability of funds
  • Financial need of the parent(s) and child applicant
  • Special personal circumstances of parent(s) and child applicant
  • Number of years with the association
  • Positive character of the child applicant, including sportsmanship, leadership and participation in extracurricular activities

How to Apply

Please complete and submit the following in full as part of your scholarship application:

The deadline for scholarship applications for the upcoming season is at time of registration, or at a time determined by the scholarship committee.  Applications are accepted year-round on an urgency basis. All application forms and information submitted will be kept confidential with the Scholarship Administrators and within the Executive Board of any Wisconsin Youth Hockey organization. To ensure confidentiality, application packages should be mailed confidentially to the JCMHSF Board.

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